Recruit Nurses and

Allied Health Professionals

Acquire the specialized nurse and allied health professionals you need to build your perfect team. We are experts in recruiting active and passive candidates including RNs, BSNs, LPNs, PT, OT, Xray Techs and other allied health professionals.

Enhance Your Careers Brand with Evergreen Marketing

The competition for qualified nurses and allied health professionals is strong. Make sure that your organization is putting its best foot forward with evergreen advertising campaigns that emphasize your company culture as well as the benefits of the positions. We’ll help you build your careers brand and branded social media, or we’ll use that branding and message if you already have it in place.


Reach Active and Passive Candidates

Not all nurses are actively searching for new opportunities. Our recruitment strategy extends beyond those actively looking for a career change and also reaches those who may not be actively looking for a job but would be perfect candidates- if only you could get your opportunity in front of them. Plus, our technology reaches candidates on their mobile devices wherever they are, so they don’t have to be at home in front of a computer.

Keep a Constant Flow of Qualified Candidates

Our custom recruiting programs will deliver a constant flow of qualified candidates to your hiring managers. If you need to fill multiple positions or serve multiple locations, many of our campaigns recruit RNs, BSNs, LPNs, Occupational Therapists, X-Ray Techs and other allied health positions simultaneously for full time, part time or shift work.


Not Your Typical RN Recruiters

Each campaign is tailored to your exact needs. Your ads will run on multiple platforms, reaching both active and passive candidates as well as their referral markets. Leads can be sent to one of our custom landing pages or tie in directly to your in-house ATS. Our landing pages are crafted to showcase the benefits of the position and to feature select screening questions.

Build Your Careers Brand

Connect with Passive Candidates

Manage a Steady Flow of Leads

Expect Great Leads

We Do It All

Hire Specialized Nurses Fast